Bastards of Earle

Sweet grit and crumbling heartworn sonic decay…

A life at Walden Pond may bring peace, but it sure don’t get the girls shaking!

May 15, 2014


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Hey Ho, Bastards and Bastardettes!

The sun is here!  No more tricks or tomfoolery, I don’t think my poor heart can take it.  Either you’re here to stay or just don’t come at all.  But since you’re here, pull up a chair, have a glass of wine and stay awhile!

So many things to report and many apologies for my silence as of late.  But, first things first:   Bastards of Earle is no longer a solo project!  It’s grown exponentially, like lichens on stone, like mold on that sandwich you left in the back of the fridge for weeks.  You meant to eat it, but after awhile, you kept opening the fridge and there always seemed like something better to eat.  Until finally, it was way too far gone to save…but, I digress!

Bastards of Earle is a full band:   I’ve placed the acoustic aside for the moment and we’re now an all-electric band:  the twins, Brett and Bart Riley on bass and drums, respectively and Hank Foreman on guitar and backing vocals.  In the short time we’ve been playing, the music is really coming together and I’d love for everyone to check out what we’ve been putting together.  Really proud to hear the little ditties I penned in my bedroom come roaring to life!

And…we’ve just  recorded our first single/demo!  We spent some time with Vincent Corvino at Forge Recording and under his capable tutelage, we came out with something great!  Take a listen to ‘Black Heart':

With summer finally here, it’s Festival time!  To start things off, we’re playing this weekend, Saturday 5/17, as part of one of my favorite Philly Fests–Trenton Avenue Arts Festival.  The festival is located on Trenton Ave. in Fishtown, near it’s intersection with E. Susquehanna.  It’s basically just off Frankford Avenue, about 5-6 blocks north of Girard Avenue.  It’s a fantastic festival…come early, around noon, for the Kinetic Sculpture Derby, where people build incredible and crazy (and functional) bike sculptures and end up in a pit of mud!  Yeah, it’s as weird and cool as it sounds.  Then, the rest of the day is filled with music and art.  Bastards of Earle go on stage at 6 PM sharp!!!

Later this month, we will also be appearing at the Sundrop Music and Arts Festival, The Fire’s annual outdoor music and arts fest, on Sunday, 5/25 (day before Memorial Day).  The Festival is located just outside the venerable Philly venue, The Fire and we go on at 5:00 PM sharp, outside.

So, that’s the skinny!  Would love to see everyone out this month!  Get out of the house, get into your seersucker suits and have some fun…and support your local rock ‘n’ rollers!

Ho Ho,

Papa Bastard

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