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December 28, 2013

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I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome this baby into the world!  Chock full ‘o content…pics, video, live and studio tracks, she is truly a sight to behold!  A big thanks to Melissa Alam of Veritas Creative Studio (…using her coding talents to piece it all together.  She is a gem.  Honestly, so many people to thank so far, so many great artists that I’ve been able to work with in this short time:  Joshua Mallory of Noise Soul Cinema ( created the music video, Eric and Ben of Elevate Sound Studios ( recorded the acoustic version of “Downtown Girl”, Marco Roldan took the front page photos, John Falco of Falco Media Services designed the logo, Fireball Printing ( made the posters, Ryan Bleaken of Rising Sun Sound and Film recorded the live North Star tracks, Philly Band Merch ( made the buttons.  The list goes on and on…it is amazing how much needs to get done and how important every artist is and how utterly crucial each of their talents is in the creation of one song, one video, one website.  All creative love shared amongst artists working together to create a supportive and thriving scene here in Philly!  I even bribed my favorite Philly rock ‘n’ rollers, John & Brittany, in order to get them to pose in Bastards of Earle t-shirts…they got t-shirts, I got a pic of Brittany’s day-glo pink hair on my website.  No question, I came out ahead!

So…if you got this far, check out the page and tell me what you think.  Here at Bastards of Earle, we’re only here to serve and as I always say…the customer is always right!

But today was a good day…wrote a new song called “Transistor Radio”.  So far, I love it…but we’ll see how it fares in the war against time.  There’s always another song trying to take its place, but some have staying power.  It’s a song about my friend and bandmate in NLMS, Jamie Olson–a man out of time, happy to spin his vinyl while the kids come and go.  He’s a man that writes songs for the right reasons, loves for the right reasons and has taught me greatly.  “Let them have their shiny phone.  I’ve got my records, got my own…Transistor Radio”.  Play it high and lonesome, Mr. Olson!  I’ll try it out tonight (it’s already 3:30 AM, so we’re onto tomorrow already)…got a cool show with another local musician I admire greatly, Eric13.  That man is truly a force of nature–a self-contained rock ‘n’ roll tornado!  You can’t stop him, you just stand aside and hope your house doesn’t get ripped from its foundation.

So, while our feet are still on the ground, let’s hit the rack!  Night everyone…

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